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What Languages do We Support?
What Languages do We Support?
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OnlySocial's platform embraces linguistic diversity by supporting all key global languages, enabling you to connect with your audience in the language they understand best. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to leverage our multi-language capabilities:

Accessing Language Options

Begin by locating the language button in the header of the OnlySocial dashboard. This feature is powered by Google Translate, ensuring that you can switch effortlessly between languages for a seamless user experience.

Creating Multilingual Content

Whether you're crafting posts, building chatbots, or setting up automated responses, you can do so in the language of your choice. The platform's flexibility allows for the creation of Biolinks, QR Codes, and Vcards that cater to a diverse audience.

Translating the Dashboard

For non-native English speakers, the dashboard can be translated using the language button mentioned earlier. If you prefer, use your browser's built-in translation feature to convert any page on our platform into your preferred language.

Default Language Selections Include:

  • English

  • Spanish (Español)

  • German (Deutsch)

  • Portuguese (Português)

  • French (Français)

  • Russian (Русский)

Requesting Additional Languages

While our platform covers numerous widely-used languages, we are open to inclusivity. If your preferred language isn't listed, simply request its addition. We are dedicated to tailoring our service to meet your needs.

With OnlySocial, you're equipped to cross language barriers and enrich your global online presence.

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