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How to Signup and Activate Your Account
How to Signup and Activate Your Account
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Step-by-Step Tutorial: Creating and Activating Your OnlySocial Account

Step 1: Visit the OnlySocial website

  • Go to using your preferred web browser.

Step 2: Start your free trial

  • Locate and click the "Start your free trial" button on the homepage.

Step 3: Complete the registration form

  • Fill out the form with your valid email address and other necessary information.

Step 4: Check your email for an activation link

  • Please be sure to look in your inbox (and possibly your spam folder) for an email from OnlySocial containing an activation link.

Step 5: Activate your account

  • You can open the email and click on the activation link provided to complete the account activation process.

Step 6: Enjoy your new account

  • Your OnlySocial account is now ready for use. You can explore the platform and start using its features.

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